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31 December 2013 @ 07:50 pm
Idol for One (Part 2)  
Title: Idol For One
Pairing/Group: Nikaido/Senga with side Tamamori/Miyata, Kitayama/Totsuka, and Kawai/Goseki
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Genderswitch, slash, het, and femslash
Summary: Life shouldn’t have to be so complicated when you move to a new place and fall in love with your new best friend.

Part 1

Senga finds that going out with Nikaido isn’t much different from being best friends, girl or not. The only thing that changes is that Nikaido likes to drape herself all over Senga and steal kisses that are all for show whenever their group is hanging out in the privacy of someone’s apartment, just to poke fun at how red his face gets. No matter how embarrassing it is, she knows that Senga is incapable of pushing her away. Their close group of friends know about Nikaido’s double life, but they can’t do much in front of everyone else. Even if they could, it isn’t like they do anything more even when they’re in private. Nikaido will kiss Senga hello whenever she comes over and Senga will kiss her goodbye, home dates full of video games, movies, and conbini food.

It’s not that Senga minds their home dates, it’s just that Senga wants to be a proper boyfriend. He wants to bury his nose in Nikaido’s hair as he holds her, let her lean against his shoulder as they watch a movie, and all the other sappy stuff that Senga sees in the love dramas he’ll never admit he watches.

Nikaido fights it. She stands up to go to the bathroom every time Senga pulls her close on the couch, rolls away when they hang out on Senga’s bed and he drapes an arm around her, breaks a kiss when she feels Senga’s hand wander under her shirt to hold her waist.

Senga is shaken out of his daze when an empty water bottle bounces off of his head after rehearsal. He immediately looks for the culprit, groaning when he sees Kitayama and falling back flat on his back on the practice mats. “Mitsu...” he whines.

“Alright, tell this awesome senpai what’s bothering you,” she says, flopping down to sit next to him.

“You mean besides the fact that you just threw a bottle at my head?” he frowns.

Kitayama just gives him an unimpressed look. “Having trouble satisfying your little girlfriend in bed? Want Kitamitsu-senpai to teach you how, like I taught her?” she teases.

“We’re not even doing that yet,” he groans, covering his face with his sports towel and trying to ignore Kitayama’s implication that she’s done anything with Nikaido.

“Aha! She’s not putting out then,” Kitayama nods. “Thought that might be the case.”

Senga sits up at that comment, “What are you even talking about?”

“Well, you see, Kento, it’s not as easy for girls to get off as it is for guys, so I just taught your little girlfriend how to-”

“Not that!” Senga growls, cutting Kitayama off. “I meant, what do you mean you thought she might not be putting out? Stop that!” he yells when Kitayama doesn’t stop laughing. Everyone has already headed to the locker rooms, but they’re being loud enough that Senga is sure that Kawai is going to come back in any second now.

“Forget it, I’m coming home with you. I don’t wanna talk about it here,” Senga declares. Nikaido missed practice today because of work, so she isn’t around to ask him why he was going home with Kitayama.

“Well is that any way to invite yourself over to a lady’s apartment?” Kitayama says, wiping tears of mirth from her eyes.

Senga groans again and goes to take a quick shower.  When he emerges from the locker room fifteen minutes later, Kitayama is talking to Yokoo at the front desk.

“Ken-chan,” Yokoo greets when he sees him and Senga braces himself to be teased.  He lets out a sigh of relief and smiles when Yokoo just thanks him for his hard work.

When Senga climbs into the passenger seat of Kitayama’s red car, he says, “You didn’t say anything to him.”

Kitayama just ruffles his hair like she always does before driving off. “It’s your private life, Ken-chan.  I’m not that kind of girl.”

Senga throws himself face first onto Kitayama’s couch when they get to her apartment and let’s out a muffled noise.

“Don’t hog the whole thing,” Kitayama says, nudging him. “Come on, sit up. I thought you wanted to talk. Or do you actually want me to teach you how to pleasure your girlfriend? Because if  I call Tottsu over, I’m sure she’ll have no problems with it as long as she gets to watch.”

“Ugh. What kind of senpai are you?” Senga grumbles as he sits up, sounding like he hates life. He’s beginning to realize that he may never figure out what kind of girl Kitayama actually is. “I’ve been with a girl before, thank you very much.”

“Well that’s a relief then,” Kitayama says. “At least one of you will know what you’re doing.”

Senga’s eyebrows shoot up into his hairline at that. “So Nika’s a... virgin? Is that why she doesn’t want to be close to me? She always runs away when I try to hold her close...” he says sadly.

“Yes and no,” Kitayama says, sitting down on the couch next to him.

“Why are you always so cryptic about the most important things?” Senga complains, letting his head fall back to hit the back of the couch.

“I already told you that I taught her to pleasure herself, so she’s not a complete virgin,” Kitayama says around a yawn, stretching her arms above her head.

“Please tell me you’re kidding...” Senga groans, hiding his face in his hands.

“I wonder~” Kitayama grins. “I hear that the green toy is her favorite.”

“Stop stop stop stop stop,” Senga chants, covering his ears while Kitayama just laughs.

“Ken-chan, Nika-chan’s an idol,” Kitayama says, her laughter dying down a bit.

“I already know that! What does that have to do with green toys?” Senga says, frustrated, cheeks starting to heat up.

Kitayama raises a perfectly arched eyebrow. “She’s an idol with NO scandals,” Kitayama says pointedly.

“I KNOW that!”

Kitayama shakes her head.  “Ken-chan,” she says gently, “Nika may not be a virgin anymore because of the toys, but she’s never actually BEEN with another person.”

Senga visibly gapes at that.

“Do you remember those couple of days before you two started going out when Nika would talk to me before rehearsal?” Kitayama asks.

Senga recalls when he thought Nikaido was avoiding him and would walk into rehearsal with Kitayama and nods.

“She was scared, Ken-chan, probably still is,”  Kitayama sighs.

“What? Why? Of what?” comes his string of questions.

“She likes you,” Kitayama starts, “I have no idea why though.”  She starts laughing as Senga shoves at her and the mood lightens up a bit. “Look, imagine what will happen if the press finds out about you.”

Senga closes his eyes to try to imagine it and sees Nikaido’s career as an idol fall apart because of him. “The end of Takako,” he says sadly, opening his eyes to look at Kitayama.

Kitayama shakes her head.  “That’s not what she’s worried about.”

“What else could it be then?” Senga asks, tilting his head in confusion.

“How slow ARE you?” Kitayama rolls her eyes. “What are fans going to do the guy who defiles their precious, pure Takako? Keep up a little, will you?”

“She’s worried about ME?”

“She won’t lose her career over one little dating scandal,” Kitayama states, “but fans are batshit crazy!”

Senga grimaces at the thought of being torn apart by angry fans.

Kitayama stands up and stretches. “I’m gonna shower now, you know where the front door is. Go home and think about it.” She grins when Senga whines about catching the train home in the cold. “You could stick around if you like, Tottsu is coming over for a little exercise in a bit though.”

Senga springs to his feet and thanks Kitayama for her hospitality before rushing to leave, Kitayama’s laughter ringing behind him. He’s out the door before he even gets his coat on and curses the night winter air as he heads to the station.

When Senga gets to rehearsal the next day, he finds the locker room floor littered with cherry flavored condoms and a sulking Nikaido sitting on the floor in the corner.

“Prank on Mitsu fail again?” Senga asks, dropping his practice bag and sliding to the floor next to Nikaido.

“Kitamitsu’s an ass,” Nikaido growls, slapping a light red sticky note on Senga’s forehead.

“Ow!” Senga jumps, rubbing at his forehead after peeling the sticky note off to look at it. It reads, “Giving these back. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Play safe. ⊂*`з´*⊃” and Senga looks up to see that the mess of condoms is in front of Nikaido’s locker, not Kitayama’s.

Nikaido shoves at Senga’s shoulder when he starts snickering, obviously trying hold them in. “It’s not funny, you jerk!”

“Aw, Nika,” Senga says, trying to collect himself, “come on, it’s kind of funny.” Senga quickly checks to make sure no one is in the locker room with them before pressing a kiss to Nikaido’s cheek, chasing some of her tension away.

Senga stands up to shove his bag in his usual locker, but ends up jumping backwards when he opens the locker door and more condoms come rushing out.

Nikaido bursts out laughing. “You’re right! It IS funny!” She gets up to pull the red sticky note out of Senga’s locker to read it. “You’re welcome. ⊂*`∀´⊃

Kitayama chooses that second to walk into the locker room to grab her forgotten sports drink. “Oh, good. You found them.”

“How could we miss them?” Nikaido rolls her eyes.

“You’re welcome,” Kitayama repeats her message to Senga. “Don’t come crawling to this senpai when you need more though.”

“Who could even have that much sex!?” she yells, throwing a condom at Kitayama who lazily dodges it.

“You tell me, bunny-chan,” she grins as she slips back out of the door with a laugh.

Senga is too amused to be embarrassed about the whole thing, and he becomes Nikaido’s next target to throw condoms at when she notices him trying to stifle his laughter. He runs around the locker room trying to dodge her throws and Nikaido is laughing by the time Goseki sticks her head in to tell them to take their time because she wants to see what Yara will do to them when they don’t arrive in a minute. The two immediately grab their rehearsal things and race to the studio.

With opening night being only two weeks away, it’s hard to find the right time to talk to Nikaido about how he feels. He shouldn’t be whining about the lack of skinship when the two barely have the energy to hang out together outside of rehearsal.

It’s some kind of miracle when Yara sends them all home from rehearsal two hours early the evening before opening night to get some rest, satisfied with how the last run of the show went.

Senga catches Nikaido’s wrist on their way to the dressing room. “Come home with me?” he asks sheepishly, surprised when she easily agrees, saying that she wants katsu for dinner.

They leave everything they’ll need for the show in their designated areas in the dressing room and bundle up to battle the cold before heading out to the train station with just their practice bags. Senga suggests picking up some katsu to-go so that they won’t have to battle the cold again after getting comfortable in a heated restaurant and Nikaido says that he’s an idiot to think she was planning to do anything but that.

Senga sneaks glances over at Nikaido as they eat their dinner in front of the TV. There are just so many things running through his head that he’s not even sure what they’re watching. “Nika,” Senga starts, but he doesn’t know how to continue when Nikaido just hums in response. He wants to talk to Nikaido about the things he’s frustrated about, not just about sex, but about cuddling and just being closer when they’re alone, but he doesn’t know where to start.

“Kento?” Nikaido asks, turning to look at Senga when he doesn’t continue.

Senga bites his lip and covers Nikaido’s left hand with his right. “Stay the night,” he blurts out. There’s no way Nikaido would agree to that, but Senga doesn’t take it back, holding her steady gaze with a hopeful look of his own as his heart pounds loudly in his chest.

He lets out a breath that he didn’t know he was holding when she finally agrees after what seems like an eternity and laughs when she adds, “But only if you let borrow clothes to sleep in, because I am NOT going to bed in jeans.”

Senga shoves the last bit of rice in his mouth and heads to his bedroom to grab a set of sleep clothes for Nikaido, who is waiting for him in the doorway with her practice bag. As soon as he tosses the clothes to her, she disappears into the bathroom and Senga is more than a little confused when he hears the shower running. The two of them showered at the theater before they came home.

He changes into a pair of worn-out sweats and a long-sleeved shirt of his own before heading back to the living room to clean up their mess. He grabs himself a bottle of water from the refrigerator when he’s done and plops himself on the couch, grabbing the remote and flipping mindlessly through all of the channels. He stops when he recognizes an anime that Miyata has been raving about lately and pulls out his phone to check his mail.

Senga can still hear the sound of the shower running in the background and he can’t help but get distracted by the thought of his girlfriend standing under the warm spray, drops of water running down her naked body. He can feel his body starting to get excited and he tries to calm himself down by mailing Miyata about the magical girls on screen instead.

Somewhere in the midst of reading Miyata’s detailed explanation of each girl’s background and power Senga must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he knows, cold drops of water are falling on his cheek and he cracks open an eye to see that he’s now lying on the couch with his head pillowed in Nikaido’s lap. Her hair is still dripping wet from her shower, but the sight of Nikaido before him with her long hair takes his breathe away. Nikaido is too engrossed in whatever she’s watching on TV to notice that Senga has woken up, and Senga quickly feigns sleep again when he belatedly realizes that Nikaido is mindlessly stroking his hair. She almost manages to lull Senga back to sleep as he relaxes more and more into her touch before her hand stills. Senga accidentally lets out a little whine when she stops and Nikaido removes her hand from his hair to pinch his nose shut.

“Come on, you little faker. I’m not sitting here all night.”

Senga tries to pretend he’s still asleep, not wanting to move, but then Nikaido turns off the TV and abruptly stands up and Senga almost falls off the couch.

“Nikaaaa...” Senga whines for real now and Nikaido just gives him a pointed look.

“I need a toothbrush,” is all she says before heading back to the bathroom without him.

He scrambles to his feet and rushes after Nikaido. He pulls a brand new green toothbrush out of one of the drawers and hands it to her.

“Thank god it’s not pink and sparkly,” she says, and Senga playfully shoves at her shoulder.

“Like I would have something like that lying around. I’m not Taipi,” he grins, and Nikaido laughs.

Senga looks at the reflection of Nikaido standing there in the mirror, brushing her teeth next to him, and just this little moment makes his heart soar.

“You’re not planning to go to sleep with your hair dripping like that, are you?” Senga says after he’s finished up at the sink. “You’re not catching a cold in my bed the night before the opening show.”

“It’s such a pain to dry though,” she grumbles, grabbing the blowdryer that Senga hands her and a brush out of her practice bag, which is still in the bathroom.

Senga listens to the sound of the blowdryer as he rolls into bed. He closes his eyes and can’t help the smile that spreads across his face, because his girlfriend is drying her hair in his apartment and is about to spend the night in his bed. He doesn’t realize that the sound of the blowdryer has stopped until he is hit in the face by one of his extra pillows.

“Hey!” he cries out, grabbing the pillow and throwing it back at Nikaido.

“If you’re going to be all creepy about this, you can go sleep on the couch,” she says, knocking the pillow down and crossing her arms.

“I’m not being creepy...” Senga pouts. “Besides, this is my bed!”

Nikaido raises an eyebrow. “Oh, so you’re going to let a lady sleep on the couch then,” she says.

“Nika, you’re being ridiculous,” Senga laughs. He reaches over to set the alarm on his nightstand and blinks up at Nikaido when she doesn’t move. He lifts up the corner of the blanket to invite her in and she finally climbs into bed, carefully lying down as close to the edge as possible.

Senga chuckles a bit before wrapping an arm around Nikaido’s waist and firmly tugging her closer. He props himself up on his elbow to lean over her a little. “Nika,” he whispers in her ear, and she turns her head to look up at him. Even with just the dim light from a streetlamp shining in through his window, Senga can see that Nikaido’s cheeks have a tinge of pink.

He’s surprised when she leans up to claim his lips herself, relaxing into it and letting out soft noises when their tongues brush. When the kiss breaks, Senga finds himself on his back, Nikaido leaning over him with dark eyes and Senga reaches up to run a thumb across her cheek before she collapses on top of him, obviously meaning to use him as a pillow.

Senga takes a deep breath, trying to calm his body’s natural reaction to the close proximity of Nikaido. He tightens the arm wrapped around her waist and tangles his other hand into her long locks, nosing at the top of her head and stroking her hair soothingly until they both drift off to sleep.

When Senga wakes up in the morning, Nikaido is still dead to the world. He tries not to move too much, the alarm hasn’t even gone off yet, and he just lies there, holding her close and hoping that his morning business will take care of itself before she wakes up and notices.

He carefully reaches over to turn off the alarm before it can go off, opting to wake Nikaido up more gently. He brushes her long hair out of her face before gently shaking her awake. “Nika,” he whispers, slowly rolling her over to the side so that they can be face to face. He leans in to brush their lips together, kissing her gently over and over again. Senga can tell the moment Nikaido wakes up from the way she begins to actively participate in the chaste kisses and the way she clings to his shirt.

Once Senga pulls back from the kiss, he presses their foreheads together and whispers, “Morning, Nika,” voice still rough with sleep. The smile stretched across his face is big enough that his face feels a little strained, but he honestly can’t remember the last time he was so happy.

“Morning,” Nikaido mumbles, still a little disoriented from sleep. “What time is it?” she asks, not bothering to look at the clock herself.

“It’s nine,” he replies, reluctantly sitting up and stretching a bit. “There’s some time before we have to leave.”

When Nikaido groans, Senga leans over and bites her ear, causing her to let out an unflattering noise. He quickly hops over her, out of bed before she swings at him and goes to the kitchen to wash a small pot of rice.

Senga is no Totsuka in the kitchen, he could never make edible waffles from scratch, but he can at least make some basic miso soup. Satisfied with the way it tastes, he turns the stove off and heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. What he sees in the bathroom is Nikaido pinning her short black wig onto her head.

He can’t keep the disappointment off his face and Nikaido catches a glimpse of it in the mirror. “Can’t be helped,” she says, fully understanding why Senga is disappointed and he just nods.

By the time they’re sitting down to eat breakfast, Senga is looking across the table at the “male” version of Nikaido.

When Nikaido comments on how good the fish is, Senga admits that his mom came over before rehearsal the day before and all he did was heat up the fish she brought over.

Nikaido grins, “I knew you didn’t make this yourself,” and Senga pouts until she tells him, “relax. It’s not like I said the miso soup wasn’t good,” before she goes back to eating like she said nothing.


The show is a big success for the most part. Tickets are pretty much sold out for all sixteen shows they hold over two weeks, each audience seemingly livelier than the last. There are a few happenings throughout the course of the show, Senga almost falling off of a platform and catching himself in an awkward position with one foot in the air while climbing onto the set right before the curtain goes up being one of them. It sends the cast into a fit of laughter which can be heard from the audience and Yara sentences them to 30 minutes of intense muscle training right after the show as punishment.

Nikaido misplaces some of her costume pieces during one of the Saturday matinee shows and Senga has to help her look for them. Fujigaya shows up with them and complains about how he doesn’t want Nikaido’s sweaty costume pieces mixed in with his own.

When the last show finally comes to a close early Sunday evening, the cast takes one last picture on set before packing up their bags and heading to Kitayama’s apartment for a wrap up party.

“Why are we in your apartment again?” Fujigaya complains. “I think people normally have parties like this in restaurants.”

“You’re welcome to leave if you like,” Kitayama says from where she’s already sprawled on her couch with a plate of sushi. “I think the girls went to go celebrate at a fancy restaurant near the theater. You could go and join them, since you think alike and all.”

Now that he’s looking around, Senga realizes that it’s just their group of friends who ended up at Kitayama’s. He vaguely recalls the younger members of the cast saying that they were all heading home to eat dinner with their families.

Fujigaya ignores Kitayama, grabbing some pieces of sushi from the platter and placing them on his plate.

“Going back to the glamourous idol life tomorrow, Nika-chan?” Kawai teases.

“Fumito!” Goseki scolds, whacking Kawai for bringing up the forbidden topic.

“What? It’s not like everyone here doesn’t know about it!”

“At least Nika’s a classy girl on stage. Not like another certain someone in the room,” Fujigaya mumbles.

“I don’t know,” Totsuka says thoughtfully, present because she picked up the sushi, “Hiromi’s top at the beginning of the show seemed pretty classy to me.”

“That’s because it was a bedazzled bra,” Fujigaya scrunches his nose, “you think anything with rhinestones on it is classy.”

Senga laughs at the exchange before looking at Nikaido. “Well? Are you?” he asks, wanting to know the answer to Kawai’s question.

Nikaido shakes her head, understanding what Senga is talking about right away, even if everyone else forgot. “Tomorrow’s my last day off,” she says. “But after that it looks like my schedule is going to be crazy full... Manager-san isn’t too happy I took all this time off,” she frowns.

Senga nods sadly, not liking the idea of being unable to hang out for a while.

“Alright,” Kitayama announces, “if you’re all done eating and being merry or whatever, it’s time for you to all go home. Tottsu and I need some quality time with my bed.”

Senga and Nikaido part ways with everyone at the train station and Senga tries to hide a smile when Nikaido tell him she’s spending the night again.

When they burst through the front door of Senga’s apartment, Senga rushes to turn the heater on, willing the apartment to warm up faster, while Nikaido heads straight to the bathroom to grab a hot bath. Nikaido’s green toothbrush is still sitting in the cup next to Senga’s blue one, but she obviously planned to sleep over this time judging from the fact that she brought her own sleep clothes.

He’ll never get over how beautiful Nikaido is with her long hair spilling over her shoulders without any product in it and no makeup on. It’s a side of her that only he gets to see.

It’s still a little too early for them to be going to sleep, but they turn out all of the lights and crawl into bed anyways. Nikaido flops down right on top of Senga and he wonders if he imagined that Nikaido wouldn’t cuddle with him before.

Nikaido’s own sleep shirt is tight and form-fitting, unlike the baggy shirt Senga gave her to wear last time. He tries not to think about how her unbound breasts are pressing along his side as Nikaido pillows her head on his shoulder.

It catches him off-guard when Nikaido slips a hand up the front of his shirt and runs her fingers gently across his abs which tighten from the touch.

“Nika?” Senga asks, voice straining a bit when she doesn’t stop touching him. He remembers what Kitayama had told him about how Nikaido has never actually been with another person and tries hard to keep himself from jumping her. His cheeks start to heat up, more from arousal than embarrassment. “Nika, stop before- Ah!” his words are cut off when Nikaido actually does stop, but only to palm his cock through his pants, almost completely hard.

“Weird,” Nikaido comments.

“What?” Senga asks, unable to focus on anything but her touch. “Don’t go touching someone’s package and saying it’s weird, you jerk!”

Nikaido pulls her hand away and places it back on Senga’s stomach. She looks up at him and says, “I just thought you’d be smaller. And I wouldn’t do it to just anyone, just you,” she sticks her tongue out at him.

Senga rolls Nikaido onto her back and leans up over her. “I can’t decided whether or not that was a compliment...”

Nikaido just grins up at him before reaching up to pull him down for a kiss. Her mouth is hot and slick against his, their tongues brush together and they keep kissing until Senga feels the need to come up for air.

“Sleep?” Senga asks, looking down at her.

A puzzled expression crosses Nikaido’s face. “You don’t want to?”

“I do...” Senga admits, biting his lip. “But you’ve never...” he trails off.

“Mitsu told you?” she asks, raising an eyebrow and Senga nods. “Then you must also know about all of the presents she’s given me. That jerk didn’t give me any big enough, though,” she complains and Senga groans.

“Can we not talk about Mitsu and her toys while we’re lying in bed? Or at all?”

“Ewww... They’re not her toys,” Nikaido scrunches her face.

Senga chuckles at how adorable Nikaido’s reaction is before kissing Nikaido quickly on the cheek. “So it’s okay?” he asks, tentatively placing a hand on Nikaido’s slim waist.

“Yeah,” Nikaido replies and Senga drags his hand up her side to her face and runs his thumb along her cheekbone.

He’s looking right at her face to gauge her reaction as he traces her collarbone with his fingertips. She doesn’t stop him, but she turns to look away when Senga cups her breast.

“You’re looking to much,” she mumbles, gasping when Senga thumbs at her nipple and Senga just grins in response.

Confident that he isn’t doing anything that Nikaido doesn’t want, Senga shifts so that he can use both hands, surprised when Nikaido sits herself up and leans against the wall at the head of his bed.

She reaches for the hem of Senga’s shirt when he gets close enough and tugs it over his head, tossing it onto the floor. “Good thing your heater works so well,” she grins.

“Brat,” Senga says, leaning in to capture her lips once again. He reaches for the hem of her top as well and pushes it up to expose her breasts, but not pulling it completely off, not wanting to break the kiss. He cups her bare breasts in both hands and rolls her nipples between his fingers.

Nikaido is gasping into his mouth and Senga breaks the kiss and starts to kiss down her neck, wanting her to make more noise. He pulls her shirt completely off and drops it to the floor before dropping his head to suck on a nipple.

He keeps the lower half of his body out of Nikaido’s reach, wanting to be able to pleasure her slowly before she can make him lose control. Nikaido tries to touch whatever she can reach, tangling her fingers into Senga’s hair when he bites down a little, surprising a moan out of her and sending shivers down her body.

If Senga had let himself think about it before, he should’ve realized that Nikaido would like it a little rough. He switches to nibbling on her other nipple and tugs gently with his teeth, dragging his fingernails lightly down Nikaido’s stomach to her waistband. He licks at her nipple soothingly before blowing a cold stream of air on it and Nikaido pushes at his face.

“Quit that!”

Senga laughs as he tugs at Nikaido’s sleep pants and she helpfully lifts her hips so he can pull them off. When he turns to drop them to the floor, he finds himself knocked onto his back.

“My turn,” she says, palming the bulge in his pants again.

Senga lets out a groan as Nikaido fumbles to get his pants open and pull that and his underwear off in one go. He squirms as she stares just a little too long, poking at the head a few times before tentatively wrapping her hand around his cock.

“It’s hot,” she points out and Senga doesn’t know how he’s supposed to react to that. She starts stroking him slowly and Senga pushes himself to sit up so that he doesn’t feel so useless.

When she eyes the precome at his tip and licks her lips, he brings a hand to her cheek and says, “You don’t have to.”

Nikaido just tells him to shut up before leaning down to lap up the precome, jumping a little at the taste. She lets Senga’s length slip past her lips, trying to keep her teeth out of the way and letting out a frustrated noise when she can’t go very far.

“Use your hand,” Senga suggests and Nikaido starts stroking him again so that her lips meet her fist every time she sucks him in. “That’s it,” he says, pushing her long hair back out of her face. It’s unpracticed and not nearly enough to get him off, but Senga’s content to let Nikaido keep going for a bit. “Try using your tongue,” he suggests this time and a few moans escape his lips as Nikaido starts licking at him. When Nikaido licks into his slit, the hand in Nikaido’s hair tightens and Senga let’s out a high-pitched noise.

Nikaido lets Senga’s cock slip out of her mouth with a wet pop and grins mischievously. She quickens the pace of her hand and slides her mouth over just the head, licking into Senga’s slit over and over again, learning quickly what Senga likes.

When Nikaido shifts, she accidentally brushes Senga’s balls with her free hand and Senga yanks Nikaido off by her hair before he pulses out his release, streaking Nikaido’s chest with come.

“Ow...” Nikaido complains, rubbing at her scalp.

“Sorry,” Senga says, still gasping for air. “Didn’t want you to choke on your first time.” He watches as Nikaido looks down at the come on her chest and then eyes the corner of his blanket. “Don’t even think about it.” He reaches for her and kisses down her neck to her chest where he laps up his own release. Lifting his head up, Senga smiles at Nikaido before quickly crushing their lips together, holding her close so that she can’t escape.

Nikaido struggles in protest when she tastes Senga’s release on his tongue, but then Senga’s rubbing her through her panties and all she can do is make little noises into his mouth.

Senga slowly lies Nikaido down on her back as he slips a finger into her past her panties. “So wet,” he whispers against her lips, feeling her walls tighten slightly around his finger at his words.

“Shut up...” Nikaido mumbles, clawing at his chest as he slides his finger in and out a few times before pulling it out and rubbing his slick finger along her folds.

“Did you like me licking my come off your chest that much? Or was it having my cock in your mouth that you liked?”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Nikaido says, voice strained and hips jumping involuntarily.

Senga kisses her cheek and smiles before pulling back far enough to tug Nikaido’s panties off. He leans down to lick at the patch of skin below Nikaido’s bellybutton as he slides two fingers into her this time. He starts to roughly piston his fingers in and out of her as fast as he can, reaching up with his right hand to play with a nipple and Nikaido practically thrashes under him, clawing at the sheets and legs spreading open wider. He keeps going until she tightens around his fingers, throwing her head back and arching off the bed with a choked scream and Senga hopes that his neighbors aren’t home yet.

Senga finds that he likes the sound of Nikaido’s whimpers just as much as he likes her moans as he slows down and scissors his fingers a couple of times before pulling them out.

“Fuck, Kento,” she gasps.

He spreads her open with his thumbs and watches as aftershocks from her orgasm cause her body to clench around nothing. “So needy,” he says, voice seemingly two octaves lower than it was when they started. He leans in and tongues at Nikaido’s clit, her body jerking at the touch.

“Fuck, Kento,” Nikaido says again. “Hurry up already.” She gets a hand in Senga’s hair and starts to struggle.

Senga wraps arms around her thighs to hold her in place and starts getting serious about licking into her. “Something you want, Nika?” Senga asks between licks, thumbing at her clit.

“Fucking tease!” Nikaido chokes out. “Is this how you treat a girl her first time?”

“No, just you,” Senga grins, licking at her one last time before letting her go. He leans up over her to nibble her ear as he reaches into the drawer of his bedside table for a condom. “You know you love it, Nika. Your body can’t lie to me,” he whispers into her ear, sending shivers down her spine and Nikaido can’t even argue.

Senga shares the taste of Nikaido’s juices with her before she has time to protest and he’s only a little surprised when she not only doesn’t protest, but chases the taste of herself on his tongue. Nikaido’s too far gone to let something like that bother her.

Senga quickly rolls the condom onto his reawakened length and rubs the length of his cock along Nikaido’s slick folds.

“Stop teasing, Kento. Hurry up and fuck me already,” Nikaido mumbles against his lips, reaching down to stroke his cock and line it up with her entrance.

Senga groans as he pushes into her and scrapes his teeth down Nikaido’s throat when she throws her head back and cries out. He bottoms out and gives Nikaido a moment to adjust, licking at her throat and fondling her breasts.

“Fuck,” Nikaido gasps when Senga gives an experimental thrust. “That jerk definitely didn’t give me a big enough toy.”

Letting out a low growl, Senga bites down on Nikaido’s shoulder, thrusting hard enough to make her cry out. “What did I say about talking about Mitsu and her toys in bed?”

“And what did I say about them not being her toys?” Nikaido retorts, clawing at Senga’s back when he starts to move faster.

He quickly pulls out of Nikaido and flips her over onto her hands and knees before roughly pushing back into her. “I’m going to make you come so hard that you forget all about Mitsu and her toys,” Senga promises, spreading her open with his thumbs to hit her even deeper than before. He pushes through the resistance when she tightens at his words again and pounds into her as fast as he can.

He drapes himself over her back and pushes her hair out of the way to lick and suck at her neck. It takes him a little coordination to balance himself on one arm while keeping a steady rhythm to free the other, but when he finally gets it, he reaches down to rub at her clit and Nikaido comes hard, crying out and clamping down on Senga’s length.

Senga holds on and works Nikaido through her orgasm until she’s pushing at the hand between her legs, too sensitive to keep being touched anymore. Nikaido practically falls on her face and Senga flips her over again and thrusts a couple more times before coming himself.

They’re both still too disoriented to kiss properly, but Senga leans down to brush their lips together anyways.

“Fuck...” Nikaido says when Senga finally pulls out, sending little aftershocks through her body.

Senga tosses the condom into the trash can and pulls Nikaido’s naked body tight against his own, pillowing her head on his arm and throwing the blanket over themselves. He feels both of their bodies melt into the sheets and he noses at the top of her head until her breathing evens out and he’s almost positive that she’s fallen asleep.

“I love you, Takako,” Senga whispers.

He’s surprised to hear her sleepily reply, “I love you, too, Kento.”

Senga is sure that he couldn’t be happier than he is right in this moment with Nikaido securely in his arms, and even though the only place that he’ll be able to see her for a while is on his TV and he’ll have to share her with all of Takako’s batshit fans, knowing that this side of Nikaido Takako is only for him is enough. Besides, when they wake up in the morning, they’ll have all day to make up for the next few weeks.
orangegreenloveorangegreenlove on January 3rd, 2014 08:18 pm (UTC)
This is still so cute and fun!

Awesome fic, kitten! ♥
dancerdreams2dancerdreams2 on January 4th, 2014 01:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!!

I couldn't have finished this if you hadn't been holding my hand... ;__; ♥