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31 December 2013 @ 07:26 pm
Idol for One (Part 1)  
Title: Idol For One
Pairing/Group: Nikaido/Senga with side Tamamori/Miyata, Kitayama/Totsuka, and Kawai/Goseki
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Genderswitch, slash, het, and femslash
Notes: Written for sparklynoodles for the je_holiday exchange 2013! This fic kind of ran away from me... I almost dropped out of the exchange and threw this fic against the wall many times. Thank you to my amazing beta who continued to hold my hand along the way! ♥
Summary: Life shouldn’t have to be so complicated when you move to a new place and fall in love with your new best friend.

Senga takes a deep breath as he toes his shoes off at the entrance and places them on the shoe rack. He steps nervously into the studio and takes in his surroundings, unable to stop the smile that spreads across his face as he peers through the glass into one of the practice rooms and sees a beginning hip hop class in progress.

“Um... Excuse me?” Senga says, making his way to the front desk and freezing for a second when the man behind the counter looks up, face stern looking and right eyebrow slightly raised. “I... I just moved to Tokyo and wanted to register for classes here...” he stutters.

When Senga is silently handed forms, he quickly fills them out and hands them to the man behind the desk along with his payment.

The man checks the forms over quickly before nodding and pointing in the direction of the dressing rooms. “You’re free to use any of the lockers in there, but,” the man grins slyly, showing off what looks like fangs. “Choose wisely.”

Heading over to the dressing rooms, Senga tries to figure out what the man had meant by choosing a locker wisely. Opening the door and peering inside, he finds an empty room with two neat rows of lockers. To his left, he can see that there were also showers for the dancers to use after classes.

Senga picks a locker at random and reaches for the handle. He hears a voice shout out, “DON’T!” from the direction of the showers and turns to look just as he opens the door and a mountain of packets fall out of the locker. Surprised, Senga jumps back a bit and looks down at the items that had just fallen. He picks up one of the packets and begins to turn red when he realizes a mountain of cherry-flavored condoms have just fallen out.

“You idiot!” says the voice again. Senga looks up to see a young man around his age with jet black hair rushing towards him from the showers. “Don’t just stand there! Help me put all of these back before Kitamitsu gets here!”

“What-” Senga starts to ask.

“Hurry up,” the young man says, yanking on Senga’s free hand and forcing him to squat down next to him. “Kitamitsu will be here any second now!”

Senga quickly begins to help shoving the condoms back into the locker. When the last condom is safely inside, the black-haired man closes the locker door, grabs Senga’s hand and drags him past the curtains into the nearest shower.

Senga looks at the other man curiously when he begins to peak through the curtains and tries to ask again, “Umm... What are-”

“Shhh! You’ll give us away!” the other scolds. “Hurry up if you’re gonna watch! I hear Kitamitsu outside!”

Senga gives up for now and cautiously peeks through the curtain as well just in time to see someone, dressed in a slightly baggy shirt walk into the dressing room, sweatpants dragging on the ground. When he walks up to the locker Senga has just helped stuff with condoms, Senga figures that he must be the so-called “Kitamitsu.”

Senga holds his breath as Kitamitsu reaches for the locker. He’s surprised to see that Kitamitsu steps to the side before pulling the door open, allowing the contents to fall to the floor before kicking them out of the way and placing his bag in the locker. “You’ll have to try harder than that, Nika-chan,” he smirks.

The man with Senga throws the curtain open and let’s out a small growl. “Dammit, Kitamitsu! You’re no fun!”

Senga slowly follows “Nika-chan” as he storms out of the shower towards Kitamitsu.

Spotting Senga, Kitamitsu raises an eyebrow. “Oh?” he asks amusedly. “Who’s your little boyfriend, Nika-chan?”

“He’s NOT my boyfriend,” Nika-chan frowns. “Who are you, anyways?” he asks, turning to Senga. “You know, besides the guy who almost ruined my prank.”

Kitamitsu rolls his eyes. “Yeah, because that prank worked SOOO well.”

Senga feels his face heat up and looks down at the ground. “Sorry...” he apologizes.

“Awww. He’s blushing,” Kitamitsu laughs. He picks up one of the cherry-flavored condoms that hasn’t fallen out of his locker and holds it out to Nika-chan. “I think you’re going to need this more than me with that cherry boy over there,” he winks.

Senga’s blush spreads all the way to his ears and he wonders vaguely if he’d be able to shove himself into one of the empty lockers.

“Screw you!” Nika-chan replies, slapping the condom out of Kitamitsu’s hand. Turning back to Senga, he asks, “Well? Are you going to tell us who you are or not?”

“Senga Kento...” he answers. “I just moved here.”

Kitamitsu smiles, “Kitayama, but everyone here calls me ‘Kitamitsu’ or ‘Mitsu’. I don’t mind either way. The little prankster here is Nikaido.”

Senga just nods.

“Hey!” Nikaido exclaims. “I could’ve introduced myself!”

Kitayama, as Senga now knows, ignores Nikaido’s comment and shuts his locker before walking past them towards the door, ruffling both of their hair along the way. “Hate to break it to you kids, but class is going to start any minute now. Better get your asses to the rehearsal studio before Yara has them on platters,” he says, wiggling his own ass before walking right out.

Nikaido lets out another small growl before heading towards the door as well. “Coming?”

Senga looks down at the mess, “But what about all of this? Shouldn’t we pick it up?”

“Nah. Just leave it,” he shrugs it off. “Miyacchi will clean it up. Now hurry! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my ass put on a platter,” Nikaido says, grabbing Senga’s hand again and pulling him out of the dressing room all the way to the rehearsal studio.

When they walk into the studio, Nikaido lets go of Senga’s hand and looks at the clock. “Mitsu, you ass! There are still 10 minutes left before class!”

“Oops?” Kitayama grins lazily from where he’s sprawled on the floor.

Senga is startled by the cackling laughter of two guys who are lounging around on a stack of practice mats in the corner of the room. One has slightly horse-like features, while the other seems like he could pull off a pretty convincing girl.

“Someone’s in a bad mood,” the pretty one grins knowingly. “What’s the matter, Nika-chan? Prank fail again?”

Nikaido shoots him a glare.

“Who’s the new guy?” the horse-like man questions.

“He’s Hyakuga,” Nikaido replies before Senga even opens his mouth.

“It’s Senga...” Senga frowns. “Senga Kento.”

The pretty one introduces himself as Fujigaya Taisuke. “But most people here call me ‘Taipi’.”

“I’m Kawai,” the horse-like one introduces. “But most people here call me ‘Kawai,’” he starts cackling obnoxiously again.

“Nice to meet you,” Senga says, wincing a bit at Kawai’s cackle.

Just then, a man shorter than Kitayama walks through the studio door. “Alright, ladies. Get up and spread out!”

“But Yara...” Kawai whines like a five year old. “Class isn’t supposed to start for another five minutes...”

“Fumito,” a female voice reprimands from the doorway. She makes her way over to Kawai and leans over to whisper something in his ear.

Kawai’s eyes get comically wide before he shoots up to his feet and yells, “you all heard the man! Up, up, up!”

Nikaido gags from where he’s already been stretching and Fujigaya rolls his eyes before getting up and walking over to kick at Kitayama who is still sprawled in the middle of the floor.

“Get your fat ass off the ground already,” Fujigaya frowns.

Kitayama cracks open an eye and glances at the clock before rolling over. “I’m not getting up two minutes early so that Kawai can get some from his girlfriend tonight.”

Fujigaya glares down at him. “I would keep kicking you for the next two minutes, but you’re not worth the effort.”

Senga keeps to himself as he tries to take in everything that happens until Kawai’s girlfriend spots him and approaches with a grin.

“Well aren’t you adorable,” she says, eyes crinkling a little as she grins wider when Senga seems to cower a bit. “I’m Goseki, but you can call me Gocchi.”

“S- Senga Kento,” he stutters and he hears Nikaido snicker at him. He lets out a sigh of relief when Yara calls out that if they don’t let him start class right this minute, he’s going to fix it so none of them can get any ever, and Goseki retreats to Yara’s side.

Once class gets started, Senga learns that although Goseki is Kawai’s girlfriend, she’s also Yara’s assistant. During a water break Senga asked Nikaido why Yara needed an assistant to teach such a small class. Nikaido shrugged and told him that Yara only used assistants when he was teaching something that would be used for a show in the future and Senga made a mental note to remember this dance.

Throughout the class, Senga takes every opportunity he can to observe the other students, trying to learn from each of their strong points. Even though there were a few others in the class that he hasn’t been introduced to yet, the ones that he briefly spoke to definitely stand out in the group. Kawai uses a lot of energy in his dance and each movement looks big and exaggerated. Fujigaya, on the other hand, has small, distinct movements that all seem to flow into one another. Kitayama, despite the fact that he refused to get off the ground before class, can really move. He has a lot of strength behind every movement and is swift. Nikaido is also a good dancer, but Senga is so captivated by the look on Nikaido’s face that he can’t figure out exactly what about his movements makes him different from the rest. Senga can tell from Nikaido’s expression in the mirror how much he loves to dances, and he can’t stop the small smile that creeps its way across his face.

Two hours pass by all too soon and Senga wipes the dripping sweat from his face with a blue sports towel as the entire class bows to Yara and thanks him and Goseki for the day’s lesson.

Senga makes his way over to the wall, leans back against it, and slides down to the floor. He doesn’t notice Yara coming closer as he chugs some water and splutters a bit when Yara calls out to him.

Yara chuckles a bit at Senga’s reaction before asking for his name. “Senga, huh?” Yara repeats. “I hope you’ll be coming from now on.”

“Yes!” Senga replies enthusiastically.

“Good, because I hear there might be a show coming up soon, and you’d make a good addition to the usual cast,” Yara winks.

Senga can’t do anything but smile as Yara excuses himself and takes his leave.

The next thing he knows, Senga is knocked over onto his side by a foot. “Oi!” he yells as he looks up at the culprit.

Nikaido has his arms crossed, unimpressed look on his face. “It was the only way to get your attention. You had a stupid grin on your face and didn’t answer when I called out. I was even nice and called your name twice.”

Senga glares up at Nikaido and tells himself that it wouldn’t be good to tackle someone on his first day, no matter how much Nikaido deserves it right now.

“So?” Nikaido asks impatiently. “Are you coming or not?”

Senga’s glare is replaced with a confused expression. “Coming where?”

Nikaido lets out an exasperated sigh. “To dinner! You need to learn to pay attention when people are talking to you.”

Fujigaya saves Senga from snapping at Nikaido when he calls out, “Come with us, Ken-chan! It’ll be fun!”

Senga blinks at Fujigaya, slightly taken aback by the nickname as Fujigaya walks out of the rehearsal room.

Nikaido reaches out a hand and helps Senga to his feet. “Ewww...” Nikaido complains, wiping his hand on his sweats. “We’re leaving in five minutes, so hurry up and go take a shower, because you look like you just got out of a pool.”

Senga opens his mouth to say something when Nikaido gives him a little shove towards the dressing rooms.

“I said, hurry up!” Nikaido says. “I’ll wait for you, so take a proper shower.”

 Senga finally gives up and rushes back to the dressing room, grabs his things from his locker, and heads towards the showers.  He notices that Fujigaya and the others are already showering and rushes to jump into the last vacant stall.

Senga doesn’t think that he took a very long shower, but by the time he comes out in his boxers and drying his hair with a towel, everyone seems to be gone except for Nikaido who is sitting against a wall in street clothes and fiddling with his phone.

Nikaido seems to hear him approaching and looks up. His gaze lingers just a little too long and Senga starts to squirm in embarrassment.

“Sorry!” Senga apologizes, flustered. He can still feel Nikaido’s gaze on him and he quickly throws his street clothes on and grabs his things. When he turns back to look at Nikaido, he’s gone.

“Let’s go already!” Nikaido calls out from the door. “If we don’t hurry, they’ll order something weird for us.”

Senga doesn’t even have time to wonder what kind of dish the restaurant they are going to would serve that could be considered “weird,” because Nikaido turns to leave without him and he practically has to chase after the other.

Where they end up is a nice family restaurant right down the street from the studio where some familiar faces are waiting for them from two booths in the back corner. Even if they didn’t spot the group, Kawai’s cackling would’ve been a dead give-away.

As they get closer, Senga apologizes for making them wait and Fujigaya replies that at least it doesn’t look like he got hit by a fire hose anymore.

Nikaido shoves at Kitayama who’s taking up one side of a booth to himself. “Mitsu, hurry up and move it so we can sit already!”

“Good luck getting that fat ass to move over,” Fujigaya scoffs.

“Tai-chan...” a voice next to Fujigaya reprimands and Senga realizes that the man from the front desk is with them.

Kitayama ignores Fujigaya’s comment and smiles lazily at Nikaido. “Ask your senpai nicely, Nika-chan.”

“You’re not even my senpai!” Nikaido keeps shoving at Kitayama until he finally moves over enough for the two of them to slide into the booth.

“Oh?” Kitayama questions. “Maybe not at the studio, but I could teach you so many new things,” he purrs, voice dropping a bit and leaning in closer to Nikaido’s ear.

Senga looks down at his hands as he feels his cheeks heating up again.

Nikaido gives Kitayama another shove and rubs at his ear. “Seriously, cut that out! We’re in public!”

“New guy’s ears are turning red,” someone observes from across the table.

Senga looks up in surprise and realizes that he hasn’t met the two sitting across from him yet. The man that commented just now seems to still be staring at his ears. The other is chuckling with a smile on his face so big that his eyes vanish.

Seeing the confusion on his face, the smiling man introduces himself as Miyata Toshiya and mentions that he cleans up the studio.

“Ah! Miyacchi?” Senga asks, remembering how Nikaido had mentioned that Miyacchi would clean up the mess they left earlier.

It’s Miyata’s turn to look confused and Senga smiles sheepishly and explains that Nikaido had mentioned his name earlier.

The other man is still staring, so Miyata nudges him gently and introduces him as Tamamori Yuta. “But everyone calls him Tama-chan.”

Tamamori turns to look at Miyata and scrunches up his face. “Why are you so close? Stop being gross.”

Senga turns his head in surprise when someone from the other table clears his throat and sees the man with the fangs looking back at him from Fujigaya’s side.

“Since I didn’t get to introduce myself earlier,” the man starts, “I’m Yokoo Wataru. I’m in charge of the front desk at the studio. And you, Senga Kento, are Nika-chan’s new boy toy,” he grins teasingly, contrasting Senga’s first impression of him.

“He’s not my boy toy!” Nikaido protests. “You’re all such jerks!”

Senga just sits there, turning even redder as the entire table bursts into laughter.

“I think we broke him,” Tamamori smirks.

Just then the waitress comes to take their orders and they all settle back down. By the time their food arrives, Senga is still a little pink and he just picks at his food as he answers anything the others ask him.

Nikaido nudges Senga with his shoulder. “Hey, eat. Before Kitamitsu eats it first.”

Senga laughs when he looks over at Kitayama who is indeed eyeing his food.

They finish up for the night and Senga exchanges phone numbers and mail addresses with the group before they part ways and Senga finds out that he and Nikaido live on the same train line.

They sit in comfortable silence for the 15 minutes to Nikaido’s stop and Senga bids Nikaido goodnight as he gets off the train.

When Senga gets home he flops right into bed and falls asleep with a smile on his face.

Three weeks later news about the next show has come out and Senga participated in the audition, despite being new. When he gets to the studio he bounces up to the front desk. “Watta,” he calls out to Yokoo, “is Nika here yet?”

Yokoo looks up from his desk and smiles. “Ken-chan~.” Yokoo ruffles Senga’s hair when Senga leans over the counter and rests his chin on his arms. “Not yet, but the cast listing was posted today. It’s outside the dressing room.”

Senga’s face drops a bit when he hears that Nikaido isn’t there. He’s still 30 minutes early, but he’s learned that if Nikaido isn’t there by then, then he isn’t coming. He perks up again when Yokoo mentions the cast listing. “Thanks, Watta!” he says before taking off towards the dressing rooms.

“Kento!” Fujigaya calls out with a smile from in front of the bulletin board when he notices Senga rushing towards him.

“Morning, Taipi!” Senga greets, laughing as Fujigaya ruffles his hair ten times more than Yokoo has. He bats at Fujigaya until he lets up enough for Senga to glance at the board. He practically squeals when he sees that he’s been cast in the same group as the others and will get to perform with them.

“Looking forward to working with you, Kento!” Fujigaya says.

“Yes!” Senga replies, all smiles as he excuses himself to the dressing room to change for class.

Senga has long since learned that Kitayama always uses locker 44, and shoves his things into the locker next to it. He pulls out his cell phone and sends a message out to Nikaido full of an unnecessary amount of happy emoji and gives him no explanation. He puts his phone in his locker and changes into his dance clothes. His phone starts vibrating noisily in his locker and he pulls it back out to check the reply from Nikaido. He chuckles to himself when he sees a message full of question marks and puts his phone away without answering, knowing it will drive Nikaido nuts for the next couple of hours.

Two hours later it’s time for lunch and Senga heads over to the convenience store next door with Kitayama. When they walk in, they spot Tamamori re-stocking the bento boxes and Miyata, standing next to him and watching.

Kitayama greets the two of them as he heads to the back of the store to grab a sports drink.

“Tama and Miyacchi are always together,” Senga observes. “You must be really good friends!”

Kitayama returns, drink in hand, and snorts. “Oh, they’re real good friends, alright,” he smirks.

“Ugh. Why are you even all still here?” Tamamori says, cheeks turning a light shade of pink. “Hurry up and go back to the studio,” he mumbles before picking up the empty bin and moving it into the storeroom.

Miyata notices how confused Senga looks after Kitayama’s comment and smiles at his innocence. “We’re dating,” he says as soon as Tamamori is out of earshot.

Senga’s eyebrows shoot up to his hairline and he’s in such a daze that he hears Miyata chuckling in the distance and the next thing he knows, he’s back in the studio.

Kitayama hands Senga a bento and a sports drink and drops to the floor to eat. “Be more shocked about it, will you?” he smirks.

“Sorry...” Senga replies. “It’s just... Dating? I thought they were just best friends like me and Nika...”

Kitayama sighs and nudges Senga with his shoulder. “They ARE best friends. What’s wrong with dating your best friend? Or is it cause they’re both guys?”

Senga takes a minute to think as Kitayama shoves some food into his mouth. “There’s nothing wrong with it,” Senga finally replies, “I just... Wasn’t expecting it.”

Kitayama nods at this. He puts his empty bento container into the plastic bag from the convenience store and stands up, ruffling Senga’s hair as he heads out to dump his trash and get ready for classes to continue. “Who says I’m not an amazing senpai?” he says as he exits the room.

Senga chuckles at Kitayama’s comment before he realizes what time it is and practically shoves his remaining bento down his throat.

When classes are done for the evening, Senga heads straight home after showering, wondering the entire time what it would be like to date Nikaido. By the time he unlocks his front door, they’ve already had a completely comfortable first date, tried (and failed) to have dinner at a fancy restaurant, suits required, and moved in together. He spots himself in the mirror at the entrance and tries to shake himself out of his thoughts. His cheeks are pink again, but it’s cold enough outside for it not to look out of place.

Senga quickly heads to the kitchen and makes himself some instant ramen for dinner. Half an hour later, he’s ready for bed. He throws his dirty clothes in the laundry and digs his phone out of his bag. He rolls into bed and notices that he has a few messages and missed calls and nearly drops his phone when it starts ringing.

When Senga holds the phone up to his ear, he doesn’t even have time to open his mouth before Nikaido is yelling, “FINALLY,” into his ear.

“Ow...” Senga cringes. “Nika?”

“Who else would it be, you jerk! You haven’t answered any of my messages or calls all day! Now tell me what all those smiley emoji were for before I go over there and shake it out of you.”

“Messa- Ah!” Senga remembers, rushing to look at all of the phone messages he missed throughout the day, all from Nikaido. He starts laughing when he gets to the message where Nikaido tells him that he doesn’t even want to know anymore because it’s obvious that he does.

“What the hell are you laughing at? Hurry up and just tell me,” Nikaido growls.

“Sorry, sorry!” Senga says, trying to calm his laughter. “It’s just that you can be surprisingly cute sometimes. Ah- I mean...”Senga stops laughing when he realizes what he just said, rubbing at his cheeks as they start to warm up again.

“Shut up...” Nikaido grumbles, no malice behind his words.

Senga feels a small smile form on his face when he realizes Nikaido doesn’t think he said anything too strange. He finally tells Nikaido what his earlier message was all about and apologizes for not answering because he only meant to keep him hanging until lunch, but then got distracted. “We get to perform together, Nika!”

“Oh, that. I don’t know if I’m actually going to do that. I was gonna talk to Yaracchi about it tomorrow,” Nikaido says.

“Whaaattt?? No! Why?” Senga whines. Senga can’t see Nikaido over the phone, but he’s pretty sure Nikaido just shrugged.

“Can’t go every day for the next month and a half and Yara would kill me for not knowing the choreography. I don’t have a death wish.”

“But who else is supposed to help me hide Taipi’s flatiron?” Senga questions. “I know! I’ll go for you!”

“What does that even mean?” Nikaido asks and Senga is willing to bet he’s rolling his eyes.

“It means that I’ll go to practice for you and teach you everything you miss!” Senga says like he just came up with the answer for the world’s biggest mystery. “We have rehearsal 6 days a week. You can’t be missing ALL of them. You always get to the studio early when you go anyways. It’s not like you even have to give up anymore time!”

“That’s so much work though,” Nikaido complains.

“Come on, Nika! Unless you don’t think you’re good enough to keep up with everyone~” Senga teases.

“What?! I’m totally good enough!” Nikaido argues.

“Good, then it’s settled,” Senga says happily, rolling around on his sheets.

“...Whatever...” Nikaido grumbles.

Senga laughs and says goodnight when Nikaido starts complaining about how tired he is and how exhausting it is to be left hanging all day. He sets the alarm on his cell phone before wiggling himself under the covers, falling asleep with a smile on his face.


It’s not easy. Senga and Nikaido have been cast as opposites for most of the numbers, so even though their choreography is the same most of the time, there are times when they have to mirror each other. Remembering it all is even harder than it would be if Nikaido had completely different dance sections. Senga stays after a long day of rehearsals to figure out how to flip all of his movements over for Nikaido. Sometimes, during rehearsal, Senga forgets which part is actually his and ends up going the wrong way. Thanks to that, his arms are becoming more toned from all of the push-ups. Yara is not a very forgiving choreographer.

“Ken-chan, cut that out already!” Fujigaya scolds when Senga tries to work through the lunch break after inhaling a rice ball. “You’re going to fall over and die and be just as useless as that one over there,” he says, pointing to a sleeping Kitayama.

“Aw, you don’t mean that, Taipi,” Kawai grins, leaning over Kitayama’s sleeping figure. “Look how cute Kitamitsu’s sleeping face is,” he says, pinching his nose shut until he sputters a bit.

Senga drops to the floor next to Fujigaya and the two of them ignore Kawai when an angry Kitayama starts chasing him. There’s no saving an idiot from himself.

“You’re going through a lot of trouble for Nika-chan to be able to do the show, huh? It’s not like Nika’s a cute girl you’re trying to win over though,” Fujigaya teases. “You two are already best friends. We usually just let the brat go.”

Senga remembers what Kitayama said about dating your best friend. “Taipi, are you and Watta dating?” he asks.

“WHAT?” Fujigaya yells and Senga has to cover his ears. Fujigaya notices everyone turn to look at him and he lowers his voice a little. “If you haven’t notice, Watta’s not exactly a girl,” he frowns.

“I guess it’s a good thing you’re enough of a girl for the both of you then,” Kitayama butts in, back from torturing Kawai. “Don’t give me that look,”he says when Fujigaya shoots him a death glare, “I’ve seen your room and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think it belonged to a sixteen year-old girl.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Fujigaya barks.

“Again, Taipi? I’m flattered, but I have Tottsu now,” he grins. “Although, if you’d like to join us, she won’t be so interested in you, but...” Kitayama purposefully trails off.

Senga tries to stifle a giggle and he and Kitayama burst into laughter when Fujigaya claims that he hates them all and marches down the hall to tell on them to Yokoo like a third grader.


A few weeks into rehearsals, Senga finds himself at Kitayama’s apartment with the others, minus Nikaido, munching on pizza and talking about anything and everything.

“I still can’t believe Nika-chan’s doing the show with us this time,” Fujigaya comments, taking a sip of his beer and leaning against Yokoo’s side and Senga is convinced that they’re dating.

“All thanks to Nika-chan’s boy toy and his private lessons,” Kawai snickers.

Senga glares at Kawai and and throws his balled up napkin at his head, no longer so easily embarrassed by everyone’s teasing.

“I don’t understand why you two aren’t fucking each other yet,” Kitayama says as he reaches for another slice of pizza. “I mean, Nika calls you Kenpi. And you like it. Don’t tell me there’s nothing there, you can’t lie to Mitsu-senpai~”

Senga pouts and is tempted to throw his empty can at Kitayama, but Senga lives an hour away. It’s cold outside and Kitayama is letting him stay the night. Instead, Senga pours himself a glass of water, done drinking for the night, and makes a noncommittal noise.

“You were more fun when you blushed at everything, you know that?” Kitayama comments.

“Well what about you, Kitamitsu? Your girlfriend still being monopolized by her cute university friend?” Yokoo grins. Kawai and Fujigaya cackle in the background as Kitayama grumbles that he’s not even her friend, he’s more like a puppy they can’t get rid of.

“You sure Tottsu feels the same way? Sometimes a girl’s heart can be swayed by innocence,” Goseki teases.

“You say that like I don’t understand girls,” Kitayama growls. Fujigaya and Kawai’s laughter grows louder until Kitayama’s neighbor is banging on the wall, telling them to shut up, and Yokoo says it’s time for all the drunkards to go home.

Once the others are all out the door, Kitayama shoos Senga to use the shower first, but tells him to be quick about it because as soon as Kitayama is done cleaning up, he’s going in, whether Senga is out or not.

Senga apparently has perfect timing, because by the time he comes out, drying his wet curls with a towel, the living room is clear of any evidence of the party less than half an hour ago, and Kitayama is coming out of his room with a change of clothes.

“Ah, too bad,” Kitayama says when he spots Senga, “thought I was gonna be able to freak you out tonight.”

Senga throws his towel at Kitayama, who catches it and tosses it back before heading to the bathroom, laughing. Senga puts the towel around his neck and reaches for the TV remote, planning to flip through the channels until his hair dries. Kitayama’s heater might be nice enough for him to sit around in a tank top right now, but it won’t stop him from catching a cold if he sleeps with his hair wet. He didn’t realize he dozed off while sitting up until he is hit in the head with a pillow, followed by some blankets.

“Seriously, lie down if you’re gonna sleep,” Kitayama says and Senga feels the end of the couch dip down where Kitayama sits as he reaches down to pick up the pillow that was lobbed at his head. When he sits back up, he isn’t prepared to see Kitayama changing the channel with a towel over his head, wearing pajama bottoms and a tank top, a sports bra supporting two very real breasts.

Senga falls off the couch onto his ass and rubs his eyes in disbelief. “Mitsu...” he says shakily.

Kitayama puts the remote control down when she finds a late night music program and gives Senga a good, long stare. “I knew it,” she finally says, “you never once thought I might be a girl, did you?”

Senga shakes his head vigorously, “Why would I? You change in the BOYS locker room!”

Kitayama shrugs, “Don’t think about it too hard, Ken-chan. It’s not like I’m a different person.” She reaches over to ruffle Senga’s hair and Senga calms a little at the familiar touch.

Senga slowly starts to climb back onto the couch as he recalls meeting Kitayama in the locker room on his first day. Kitayama never actually said that she was male and he decides that it doesn’t even really matter. He visibly relaxes for a second before the doorbell rings, startling Senga to his feet with a squeak.

Kitayama bursts out in an unflattering fit of laughter and sends Senga to answer the door since he’s already up, never mind that he doesn’t live there. Senga opens the door and is hit by the cold air. He blinks at the smiling face staring back at him without a word. “Ummm...” Senga tries, not knowing what to say since it isn’t his apartment.

“Good evening, Kento,” the woman greets, smile unwavering.

Senga knits his brows together and tilts his head in confusion. “Have we... met before?” he asks, trying to remember the dark-haired woman standing before him, soft curls falling gently over the shoulders of her stylish, bejeweled coat. Senga’s sure that they haven’t though, he would remember that smile.

The woman shakes her head. “Hiromi mentioned you were staying here tonight though. Totsuka Shoko at your service.”

“Totsuka...” Senga repeats quietly. “AH! Tottsu?” he asks, suddenly remembering the existence of Kitayama’s girlfriend.

“Bingo!” Totsuka giggles. “Now, are you going to let me in? Or should I be asking you to bring Hiromi outside?”

“Forget that!” Kitayama yells from inside. “Hurry up and shut the door! You’re letting the cold in!”

“Ah!” Senga opens the door wider and steps aside to let her in, cheeks turning pink for reasons other than the cold. He shuts the door behind Totsuka and follows her back into the living room after she toes off her studded heels.

Senga stops in his tracks when Totsuka drapes herself across Kitayama’s lap and claims her mouth in place of a verbal greeting.

“Why are you still wearing your coat? Normal people take it off at the door, you know,” Kitayama asks when Totsuka pulls back, breaking the kiss.

“Define. ‘normal.’” Totsuka grins. Kitayama is already working on getting her coat open as she kisses down Totsuka’s jaw line to her neck.

Senga’s red face is definitely not caused by the cold now. “I’m just gonna... ummm...” he shifts uncomfortably, feeling like he’s watching something private, “I’m gonna use the bathroom...”

“Don’t leave a mess in there,” Kitayama mumbles between kisses. She finally gets Totsuka’s coat open and slides it off of her shoulders. She turns her head to look at Senga over her own shoulder and rests it against Totsuka’s chest, bringing a hand up to visibly grope Totsuka’s breast and smirks, “do it in the shower. Clean up is easy in there.”

Senga’s ears heat up as well and he flees to the bathroom, sinking to the floor as soon as he closes the door. He’s not sure how long he sits there, but as soon as he pulls himself together, he stands up and washes his face. He leans on the sink and stares at himself in the mirror. Senga doesn’t think he can take anymore surprises tonight.

Senga cautiously makes his way back to the living room and let’s out a sigh of relief when he sees Totsuka sitting at the end of the couch, fully clothed. He notices Kitayama lying on the couch, head pillowed in Totsuka’s lap, seemingly asleep, and Senga sits on the floor and leans back against the couch. The music program is still on, apparently a two-hour special tonight, and Senga tries to focus on that. He feels Kitayama ruffle his hair again and all of the tension leaves his body as he closes his eyes. “I can’t take anymore surprises tonight, Mitsu.”

Kitayama makes a vague sound in reply.

“Ah, it’s Taka-chan,” Totsuka points out.

“Almost forgot she was appearing tonight,” Kitayama mumbles.

Senga opens his eyes to see what the two are talking about. On screen he sees a beautiful, young woman, black hair pinned up on one side, curls falling over one shoulder, much like Totsuka’s. “Takako” is written across the screen in big, bold letters. As the camera pulls back, Senga can see that the woman is wearing an emerald green dress that drapes down to her knees, matching choker complimenting the sweetheart neckline. Senga isn’t too focused on her outfit though, because he can’t help but notice her smile. When Takako begins to sing, Senga is completely captivated by her voice. He doesn’t even hear Kitayama’s comment about how different Takako is on screen.

When Senga stirs the next morning, he can hear someone moving around in the kitchen, the smell of blueberry waffles wafting through the apartment. When he digs out his phone from between the cushions, he sees that it’s too early for Kitayama to be up, although she’ll probably come trudging out of her room soon just to eat the waffles that Senga assumes Totsuka is making. The heater has been on all night, so it’s not cold, but Senga isn’t ready to lose the warmth of his blanket and wraps it around his shoulders as he peels himself off the couch and peers into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Kento,” Totsuka greets when she spots him peeking over the counter that sections the kitchen off from the rest of the apartment.

“Morning,” Senga replies, eyeing the stack of freshly made blueberry waffles.

Totsuka laughs when she sees Senga’s hungry face and puts a few waffles on a plate before passing it to him. “Butter, syrup, and whipped cream are on the table. You better start eating before Hiromi wakes up and gets to them first,” she winks. “Oops. Actually, you might be too late,” she giggles when she hears incoherent mumbling coming from the bedroom.

Senga can’t make out anything Kitayama is saying besides a few curse words as she emerges from her room. He eyes her cautiously as he sits down at the table and flips open the cap for the syrup. Even from the table, Senga can see over the counter when Kitayama wraps arms around Totsuka from behind and rests her chin on Totsuka’s shoulder. To his surprise, she takes a deep breath and looks considerably more relaxed than she did just seconds earlier. When Totsuka raises her hand to run fingers quickly through Kitayama’s hair, Senga realizes that he wants that, although he’s not exactly sure what “that” is.

When Senga looks back down at his plate, he realizes that he’s still pouring syrup and his waffles are now swimming. “Ah!” he yells, jumping to his feet.

Kitayama and Totsuka both look over to see what the fuss is about and begin to laugh when they notice Senga’s plate.

“You weren’t imagining something weird, were you, Ken-chan?” Kitayama grins.

Totsuka takes the last batch of waffles out of the waffle maker and gently frees herself from Kitayama’s hold before unplugging the machine and grabbing the plate of waffles. “Hiromi, grab 3 more small plates for me, will you?” she says, walking around the divider to the table. “We’ll just dip our waffles in syrup,” she smiles.

Senga smiles sheepishly and thanks Kitayama when she hands him a plate and takes a waffle from the stack. The momentary confusion he feels when Totsuka cuts her waffle up with a fork and knife and then starts to eat them with chopsticks is quickly replaced with laughter when he notices that every other piece goes into Kitayama’s mouth.

Whatever it is that these two have, he wants exactly that.


“Hey, Nika,” Senga says the next time Nikaido comes over to his house, “have you ever heard of an idol named, ‘Takako’?”

Nikaido unceremoniously chokes on his lunch and grabs for his tea as Senga pats his back. “Why?” Nikaido asks, still gasping for air.

Senga shrugs. “The last time we all went over to Mitsu’s and you couldn’t come, we saw her on a music program,” he replies.

“Oh? And?” Nikaido prompts.

“I don’t know... There was just something about her that made me want to look up more about her,” Senga says sheepishly, poking at his food.

“Something about her?” Nikaido repeats, closing his conbini bento and putting it back into the plastic bag.

Senga’s cheeks heat up. “She’s.... Did you know she’s one of the few idols that have never had a scandal? Ever. In fact, people rarely see her out during her private time. Her fans say that she probably lives like a princess and doesn’t really need to go anywhere. She’s pretty, too,” Senga replies, not wanting to admit that really, she just reminds him of Nikaido.

“Looks like Kenpi has a little crush,” Nikaido snorts and Senga thinks for a brief second that Nikaido almost sounds a little bitter.

“I do not!” Senga snaps back. ”It’s not Takako I like...” he thinks. “Nika,” he says, trying to change the subject, “do you have a girlfriend?”

There’s a moment of silence that leads Senga to believe that he does.

“No...” Nikaido replies softly. He grabs his conbini bag and cell phone from the table and stands up. “I’m leaving.”

“Nika?” Senga stands up as well. “Did I say something wrong?”

Nikaido shakes his head. “It’s nothing. I’ll see you at the studio.”

When the front door closes, Senga flops back down onto his couch. He’s not sure what just happened, but he can’t help himself from feeling like, somehow, he just fucked everything up.


Nikaido no longer needs Senga’s help at dance. They’ve long since finished learning choreography and Nikaido no longer misses rehearsals, outside business clearly taken care of.

He knows that Nikaido still gets to the studio early everyday, the contents of his practice bag being scattered around the locker he always uses a clear sign of this, but Senga can never find him. What’s even more unusual is that Kitayama has been coming early recently as well. Five minutes before rehearsal starts, the two of them have been showing up to warm up together. Senga feels a pang in his heart and clutches his chest.

It doesn’t affect their dancing, but when Tsukada’s acrobat rehearsal ends Nikaido leaves right away and Senga feels like his heart is breaking into a million pieces. He doesn’t notice Kitayama coming over and dragging him to his feet.

Kitayama drives him home, even though it’s in the wrong direction, and when she pulls up to the curb outside of his apartment complex, she reaches over to ruffle his hair comfortingly. “Nika-chan will come around,” she says before nudging him out of the car, offering no other explanation before driving away.

The next morning, Senga is woken up by the persistent ringing of his doorbell. He doesn’t even have to check the clock to know that it’s too early to be awake on his day off. He groans and groggily makes his way to the front door, if only to get the stupid bell to stop ringing. When he opens the door, he’s only managed to peel one eye open, but he doesn’t need more than that to recognize the person in front of him, though it doesn’t leave him any less confused.

“Nika?” Senga asks. “What time is it? What are you do-”

“I bought a new racing game,” Nikaido interrupts. “It’s no fun by myself. The computers suck.”

Senga lets himself be pushed out of the way as Nikaido takes off his shoes and walks into the apartment, more than a little familiar with where everything is. He locks the front door and follows Nikaido into the apartment, leaning against the entrance to the kitchen as Nikaido pours himself a cup of juice.

“What are you just standing there and watching me for? Go hook up the game,” Nikaido orders.

Senga sighs and grabs the game off of the counter. He goes to his room to start up the game and brushes his teeth while the console warms up. When Nikaido walks into his room with his glass of juice filled to the brim, Senga throws himself back onto his bed and covers his head with his pillow. He’s already drifting back off to sleep when he feels Nikaido tug his pillow out of his grip and whack him in the back of the head with it. “Nikaaaa....” he whines.

“What kind of host falls asleep on his guest?” Nikaido complains, grabbing the wireless game controllers and shoving one at Senga.

“Mitsu does, obviously,” Senga mumbles, smiling when Nikaido starts to laugh. “Alright, alright. Set it up,” he says, stretching his arms above his head and trying to wake himself up. He scratches lazily at his stomach and leaves his hand on the strip of skin exposed from his t-shirt riding up as he watches Nikaido set up the game. He thinks about how Nikaido is acting like he usually does and wonders if he has just been imagining that the other had been avoiding him for two weeks.

There is a long moment of silence before Nikaido finally says, “Speaking of Mitsu... She said you found out she was a girl.”

“Ah. That,” Senga groans. “Why didn’t you ever tell me? I’m the only one who never knew, right?” he whines, rolling onto his stomach to face the screen and resting his chin on his hands.

“Not true,” Nikaido grinned, “it usually takes people about a week to figure out.”

“But I’ve been around for months!” Senga whines some more before he realizes Nikaido has started the race without him. “You cheater!”

“It’s called, ‘strategy,’” Nikaido laughs. When Nikaido passes the finish line first and Senga calls for a rematch, Nikaido pulls himself off of the floor to sit next to Senga on the bed.

“Now what?” Nikaido asks.

Senga knits his brows together in confusion, “Now what...What, Nika?”

Nikaido rolls his eyes. “Now what do you think about Kitamitsu being a girl? Keep up, Kenpi!”

Senga shoves at Nikaido and sits up. “It’s not like anything has changed. Mitsu’s always been a girl, even if I didn’t know it, so...” Senga shrugs. He doesn’t notice Nikaido give a sigh of relief.

“That reminds me!” Senga says suddenly. “Mitsu’s full name is Kitayama Hiromi, isn’t it? So why does everyone call her Kitamitsu or Mitsu?”

Nikaido laughs, “Because she’s so boyish that everyone thinks her name should be Hiromitsu.”

Senga just laughs in response to Nikaido’s explanation. Nikaido starts another race, but this time, Senga is ready. It doesn’t mean he wins though and Nikaido pumps his fist in the air when he passes the finish line just seconds before Senga.

Nikaido announces that he’s taking a bathroom break and when he walks back into the room, Senga is on his back again, staring at the ceiling like if he stares long enough, the meaning of life will appear there.

“Ne, Nika?” Senga asks when Nikaido climbs back onto the bed. “Have you ever seen Mitsu and Tottsu together?”

“Yeah,” Nikaido answers as he leans his back against the wall.

“I want that,” Senga says.

There’s a moment of silence before Nikaido asks, “You don’t think it’s weird because they’re both girls?”

Senga shakes his head. “At first it was weird,” he admits. “I had just found out that Mitsu was a girl and then Tottsu showed up and they started kissing and...” his face heats up as he recalls Kitayama sitting on the couch with Totsuka in her lap. “Mitsu is the biggest troll ever,” he laughs, breaking the tension.

“Well, she IS short,” Nikaido snickers.

“Nika!” Senga scolds lightly.

“So you just want to make out with someone in front of people,” Nikaido teases.

“Not that, Nika!” Senga shoves at Nikaido. “Breakfast!”

“Breakfast?” Nikaido asks.

“You should’ve seen them together, Nika! They’re so cute and domestic! I want that,” Senga says fondly.

“Don’t let Mitsu hear you say she’s cute,” Nikaido mumbles and Senga laughs.

Senga sits up and takes a deep breathe as he looks Nikaido square in the face. “I like you, Nika,” he confesses suddenly.

Nikaido’s eyes get comically wide and he opens and closes his mouth a few times, words not wanting to come out.

Senga smiles, “You can take your time, Nika. You have someone you like, right?”

“I... What?” Nikaido asks.

“When I asked you if you had a girlfriend you got upset, so I thought you had someone you liked, but she wasn’t your girlfriend yet,” Senga said slowly, recalling how Nikaido had been showing up to rehearsal with Kitayama everyday and how happy Kitayama and Totsuka were together. He realized that Nikaido could never be with Kitayama and figured that’s why he got angry. Senga quickly say, “besides, we’re both guys and you’ve probably never thought of me that-”

Senga is cut off when Nikaido presses warm lips against his own.

“...Way....” Senga finishes when Nikaido pulls back after just a second. “Nika?”

“You talk too much...” Nikaido says, looking uncharacteristically shy, cheeks tinted pink.

“Nika,” Senga smiles, bringing a hand up to cup Nikaido’s cheek and pull him back in for another kiss. This kiss is a more proper one, lips brushing slowly against each other until one of them, Senga’s not sure which, starts to whimper softly. When they part they’re both breathing a little harder and Senga can’t keep the smile off of his face.

“Nika,” Senga starts, brushing his thumb against Nikaido’s cheek bone, “will you be my boyfriend? Please?”

Nikaido bites his lip and raises his gaze to look Senga in the eyes. “I... can’t...” comes his soft reply.

The smile disappears from Senga’s face and Nikaido rushes to grab Senga’s wrist to keep his hand against his cheek. “You know, I’ve been talking to Kitamitsu everyday before rehearsal, trying to figure out how to tell you...” Nikaido explains.

It’s Senga’s turn to be surprised as Nikaido slowly drags Senga’s hand down his face, neck, and to his chest where Senga feels, not muscle, but soft flesh bound by bandages.

“Kento, I can’t be your boyfriend, but I’ll be your girlfriend if you still want me,” Nikaido says with a small smile.

Senga pulls Nikaido into a tight embrace and kisses her on the cheek. “You know, I should really be more surprised, but after Mitsu...” he trails off. He pushes Nikaido back by the shoulders a bit and looks her seriously in the face, “Taipi’s a girl too, right?”

“Nope, but I’ll make sure to let him know you thought so,” Nikaido grins.

“Nika!” Senga shrieks, not finding death by a pink leopard print flat iron very appealing and Nikaido practically falls over in a fit of laughter.

“Do you WANT to be more surprised?” Nikaido asks curiously.

Senga raises an eyebrow at the indication that there are more surprises. “I’d rather hear all of your surprises at once,” Senga tells her.

“What if I told you that I was a pure, nationally loved idol who has no scandals because she dresses like a boy in public?” she asks.

Senga thinks about that for a bit and groans, “I’d say that Takako’s fans are going to kill me if they ever find out.”

Nikaido chuckles, “Better make yourself into a worthy prince before then, Kento.”

“Do I detect a challenge, Takako,” Senga asks and Nikaido grins in pleasure at the sound of her name coming from him.

“It’s probably too much to ask of a guy who keeps losing this racing game to a girl,” Nikaido teases, grabbing a controller and immediately starting another race without Senga.

“Oi!” Senga yells, laughing as he grabs his own forgotten controller and desperately tries to catch up to Nikaido.

Part 2